Our process is very simple, but effective. Using water and a liquid detergent we scrub the window with a soft fiber strip washer and squeegee the window clean. The sills, screens and frame are wiped down as well. Ladders and extension polls are used for high and hard to reach windows.


  • How often should I have my windows washed?

2-4 times per year is typical for most residences. We can customize a schedule for you and notify you ahead of busy seasons to lock in your preferred date.


No, we won’t. While we do use large commercial pressure washers, suited for any size of job, we can regulate the pressure and flow down to a light shower. We able to “soft wash” and scrub stucco, vinyl siding, wood shake, and painted surfaces without incurring any damage.


  • Do you remove and clean storm windows?

Absolutely.  Pella storms, double hung, sliding storms, picture windows, we do them all. Take them apart, clean, and reinstall.


  • Can you remove hard water spots off of my windows?

We have a variety of treatments for hard water deposits depending on the severity of the build-up. We can almost always completely remove any stains. If there is etching of the glass due to long calcium residue on the window, that will not go away.


  • I just had my windows cleaned, and they look great, except this one which still is all foggy. Did you guys skip that one?

This usually means you have a broken seal around the window pane. Due to the house shifting, poor window craftsmanship, or just age, double pane gas sealed windows can eventually leak. When moisture gets between the panes, it creates a foggy look. Unfortunately, only a window replacement can eliminate that problem.


  • Are you insured?

Yes. Full coverage. Insured and bonded.